Annual Potting Service

Annual Potting ServiceIn addition to the lovely variety of perennials we have here at Millbrook Gardens, we offer an exceptional array of annuals. Our knowledgeable staff is more than willing to help you find the right plants to give you a sensational seasonal look, tailored to your liking. If you have larger projects in mind or just need a hand potting up your perfect choices, we offer an Annual Potting Service. The Annual Potting Service is more than the name entails. We are very flexible to your needs. Our friendly staff can plant up any pots brought in or purchased here at our nursery, as well as do large scale installations on your own property.

When planting on your property our crew arrives prepared with soil, fertilizer, and your plants all ready for a swift installation. We can help you achieve any look on your property not easily obtainable with just perennials. Whether you’d like to spruce up your front walk, enjoy beautiful planters on the back terrace, or just need a hand getting the plants potted up, we are here for all your summer annual needs.

We also offer weekly maintenance for anyone concerned about watering needs being met and to keep your pots looking spectacular all season long. Drop in this spring or give us a call soon at 845-677-5872 or email us at to start planning any large projects.