At Millbrook Gardens, it’s all about the passion & beauty of landscaping

Intricate stone walls with accompanying plantings leading down to a landscaped pool area.

Intricate stone walls with accompanying plantings leading down to a landscaped pool area.

Patrick Murphy is a student of the historic preservation of masonry, landscape design and horticulture. For him and his staff at Millbrook Gardens Landscaping & Garden Center, each project is all about their passion and attention to detail.

Whether it is the major construction of new rock walls and the accompanying design of plantings to enhance an adjacent home and pool area, or simple pruning and maintenance, all facets – down to the smallest details – get the same undivided attention.

For Patrick and his staff, it’s the only way to do business.

“We do it all when it comes to landscaping and design and planting, but we do it with great care,” said Patrick. “We even encourage the planting of native species and natural pollinators.”

He added, “The Hudson Valley is a beautiful area with many impressive properties and our goal is to build and enhance with an eye toward local history and style.”

Patrick reminds homeowners that spring and summer are great times to get started on new landscape projects. Whether it be a small planting or a large new stone wall, this is the perfect time to enhance your property. He noted that it is also important to take care of existing plants. Pruning, weeding and fertilizing should continue on a regular basis to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

The garden center has a wide variety of perennials, trees and shrubs to help give you ideas for your planting. Come visit Millbrook Gardens at 3783 Route 44 in Millbrook and pick up everything you need to make your property beautiful this summer.

Colorful plants surrounding a pool.

Colorful plants surrounding a pool.

Millbrook Gardens is a full-property landscape center. They provide landscape design and build stone walls, fire pits, steps and walkways, gardens of all types, plus arbors, pergolas, gazebos, decks, fencing and railing. They even build roads and driveways and handle the accompanying excavation and drainage.

For Patrick and his staff, each project begins with listening – listening to the customer to discover precisely what they are looking to accomplish. “It’s a learning process and it’s really the most important element,” said Patrick. “The more you learn, the more you have a guide of what fits the property and the individual and family.”

After the design is approved, it’s on to the implementation stage. Depending on the project, this portion can take up to three or four months. “Many times, we are starting with a blank slate so to speak,” said Patrick. “Our work is like that of an artist. We have to visualize the finished product, but then we have to go through each and every detail to make sure we achieve our desired goal.”

He added, “We have the knowledge and experience to handle just about any project, plus the tools to get the job done. That can range from large excavators all the way down to the small hammers and measuring devices for our intricate stone walls.”

Stone walls and lawns leading up a hill to the home.

Stone walls and lawns leading up a hill to the home.

The staff at Millbrook Gardens has extensive experience in building a wide range of natural stone design elements. Built to last with locally sourced materials, stone walls are not only functional, but also beautiful features of any landscape. Whether the construction is dry-stacked or mortared, they are built with the utmost attention to structural integrity while staying true to the local style.

Steps can be built from a wide variety of materials to meet the needs of the landscape while functioning safely. Patrick and his staff also specialize in the design and installation of natural rock paths that fit into a lawn area or between plantings.

Property maintenance is a full-time job that includes keeping lawns, shrubs, gardens and trees in prime condition during the year-round cycle of the weather.

Part of what sets Millbrook Gardens apart is the approach with customers. “We love our work, and we enjoy passing our passion along,” said Patrick. “Whether it’s designing and building the landscape look you’ve dreamed of for your home, or selecting tools and decorative items for your gardening needs, we are here for you.”

By Curtis Schmidt
Home & Garden Magazine
June 14, 2017

Article used with permission from the Southern Dutchess News

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