Custom-Built Raised Bed Gardens

Millbrook Gardens offers complete turnkey raised bed gardens. Select a level spot on your property and our team will build a custom raised bed garden to your exact specifications in just one day. The raised bed garden shown here is 8′ x 10′ and was built in one day on our property at Millbrook Gardens.

Raised Bed Garden - June 2020

Our raised bed gardens are built with your choice of modern, non-toxic, pressured-treated lumber or natural pine timbers treated with whey protein stain on the inside as a wood preservative. The 2″ x 12″ side walls are built to a standard height of 24″. The deer fencing extends up to a height of six feet with standard rust-free, plastic deer fencing (as shown) or optional galvanized or plastic-coated metal wire.  The entry door features black painted, steel hinges and latch with deer fencing from top to bottom.

The best part is that our raised bed gardens include everything you need to started planting and growing. We come to your home and build your garden exactly as you want it; larger garden, deeper beds, taller deer fencing, two entry doors… your perfect garden in one day, filled with rich planting soil, ready for you to enjoy.